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Industry- Districts

Posted by Mike Flores on January 26, 2024

A Comprehensive Guide to Las Cruces’ Diverse Business Zones

Las Cruces, a city at the crossroads of history and innovation, boasts a strategic approach to economic development through its industry-specific districts. These designated zones cater to the unique needs of various sectors, providing an environment conducive to growth and specialization. In this article, we explore Las Cruces’ Industry-Specific Districts, each tailored to foster specific industries and contribute to the city’s economic diversity.

Value-Added Agriculture District

Situated south of Interstate 10 in the southeastern portion of the Park, the Value-Added Agriculture District is a haven for agriculture-related manufacturing and processes that enhance the value of basic agricultural commodities. With a focus on larger parcel sizes, this district provides ample land for activities that contribute to the agricultural value chain. Businesses within this district can benefit from a specialized environment that supports innovation in the agricultural sector.

Manufacturing/Warehousing/Distribution District

South of Interstate 10 in the southwestern portion of the Park lies the Manufacturing/Warehousing/Distribution District. Tailored to accommodate manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution activities, this district offers a diverse range of parcel sizes and excellent access to the interstate. Businesses here can thrive in an environment designed for efficient production, storage, and transportation, contributing to the overall economic landscape of Las Cruces.

Aviation/Defense District

North of Interstate 10 and adjacent to the Las Cruces International Airport, the Aviation/Defense District is strategically positioned to accommodate aviation- and defense-related uses. With a variety of parcel sizes and direct access to the airport, businesses in this district can benefit from the proximity to key infrastructure, fostering innovation and collaboration within the aviation and defense sectors.

Commercial District

The Commercial District, located adjacent to Crawford Boulevard on both sides of the Interstate 10 interchange, caters to businesses offering services to the local workforce and interstate-associated opportunities. Characterized by smaller parcel sizes, this district is well-suited for commercial enterprises such as restaurants. With good visibility and access from the interchange, businesses can capitalize on the strategic location to attract customers and contribute to the city’s vibrant commercial landscape.

Conclusion: Las Cruces’ Industry-Specific Districts showcase the city’s commitment to fostering a diverse and thriving business environment. Whether you’re in agriculture, manufacturing, aviation, defense, or commercial services, Las Cruces has thoughtfully designed districts to meet the unique needs of various industries. By strategically locating businesses in these districts, entrepreneurs and companies can tap into specialized resources, infrastructure, and collaboration opportunities, contributing to the overall economic prosperity of Las Cruces.

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